Purpose Launchpad Essentials Certificate

Get ready to create a positive impact

The Purpose Launchpad Essentials certification program aims to provide a first immersion into the Purpose Launchpad framework, which will allow you to understand its potential and apply it to assess the phase of your innovative initiatives and understand how to properly manage them to maximize their positive impact on the world and on the expected results.

What will you get after doing this program?

  • Learn why it is no longer enough to innovate, and why it is necessary to develop positive impact initiatives (while maintaining innovation and using the best existing innovation methodologies and tools).
  • Learn why Purpose Launchpad is the reference framework for innovative initiatives that seek to generate a positive impact in the world.
  • Learn the values ​​and principles of Purpose Launchpad, which you can start applying from the moment you understand them in your own initiatives.
  • Learn to evaluate innovative and impact projects, to recognize the phase they are in and to act in the best way depending on that phase.

Format: eLearning + activities

Duration: 2 hours + unlimited access to resources

Next edition: Open enrollment

4.5 / 5
  • “I loved that you can do the program at your own pace / adjust it to your schedule. Plus I liked the graphics which underlined what Francisco described.”
  • “I found it particularly good, and I was able to apply it to an initiative so I was able to use the tools not only theoretically but also practically.”
  • “Brilliant way to support entrepreneurs with a meta-methodology that provides concepts and tools that catalyze exponential growth with Purpose and aimed at creating a global impact.”
Purpose Launchpad guía

Purpose Launchpad

Purpose Launchpad is the reference framework that helps innovators, entrepreneurs and corporations to create a positive impact in the world and in their projects, developing the innovative projects correctly and launching the correct initiatives.

What does the certification program include?

  • Purpose Launchpad Introduction
  • Purpose Launchpad Principles
  • Purpose Launchpad Phases
  • Access to Media Center with exclusive general content on innovation and impact
  • Welcome Session and Graduation Ceremony
  • Activity to learn how to assess the phase of an initiative using the Purpose Launchpad Radar
  • Share your experience and learnings with other people.
  • Evolution in mindset through the activities of the program
  • Final evaluation to validate learning and evolution
  • Access to community of people certified in Purpose Launchpad Essentials

Who is this Certification Program for?

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Intrapreneurs
  • Innovators
  • Anyone who wants to delve into new innovation and impact techniques

Who teaches the Certification Program

Francisco Palao (creator of Purpose Launchpad and founder of Purpose Alliance), has created the specific contents of this program related to Purpose Launchpad.

Paco Briseño (Master Mentor Purpose Launchpad and director of the Purpose Alliance Academy), selected the experience of this certification program, as well as the content that you will access in the specific media gallery of the program.

When does the next edition of the Certification Program start?

It is a certification program in which you can enroll and access at any time. However, every month we do a welcome ceremony for new students, and you will be able to join it as soon as you enroll in the program.

  • The next welcome session is September 1, 2022

Download the program’s Syllabus

If you want more information about content, duration and activities, download the program syllabus

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The Purpose Alliance Approach to Learning and Mindset Evolution


We accelerate your process of learning new knowledge by giving you access to videos or live lessons in which we explain why, how and what you should know about each new topic that is relevant to you.


Beyond obtaining new knowledge and experiences, what really matters is to evolve our way of seeing the world and acting in different situations. The combination of the different elements (understanding, doing and sharing) will take you to evolve your mindset to the next level.


The only way to assimilate knowledge effectively is through actual practice. We will propose specific activities linked to the different themes and, most importantly, on almost all occasions they will be linked to real projects and own initiatives.


The best way to take your knowledge and experience to the next level is through interaction with others. Our programs encourage group activities within the classroom environment as well as interaction with our global community to share experiences and connect with new people relevant to you.

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