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Evolve your mindset to improve your projects… and the world!

Humanity’s current challenges are also huge business opportunities. To leverage them, we have more technology and knowledge at our disposal than ever before in the history of mankind. However, the key that distinguishes individuals and organizations with successful projects is their mindset—the way they view the world, face challenges, and overcome them.

This is precisely the point this book addresses: the mindset we need, whether in a startup or a large organization, to successfully implement our business projects and have a positive impact on the world. The book shares with readers many success stories and a novel and increasingly recognized framework called Purpose Launchpad, which integrates, organizes, and optimizes existing innovation methodologies and takes them one step further. Innovation alone is no longer enough because we have entered a new era: the era of positive impact.

This book and its author, Francisco Palao, will accompany you through your mindset’s evolution so you can improve your projects… and the world!

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Kindle & Paperback

Kindle & Paperback

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“When you face a big problem that can be transformed into a business opportunity, you can begin to change the world, and this book will inspire and guide you to do so.”

Jack Sim (founder of the Restroom Association)

“Positive Impact shares an interesting journey through current innovation methodologies, deploying them to create Purpose Launchpad. This book will help startups and organizations get to the next level.”

Pilar Manchón (Senior Director of Research Strategy, Google Research)

“If you are an entrepreneur, you must read and put this wonderful book into practice. Once you have read it, you and your startup will have evolved.”

Carlos Saucedo (General Manager, Labgo)

“The world has needed this book for a long time, it offers the keys that every company needs to evolve. It goes beyond methods to focus on what really matters: our mindset!”

Guayente Sanmartin (General Manager, Global Head of Business Systems and Display Solutions, HP)

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