Purpose Alliance – Community Guidelines

Our purpose is to empower extraordinary people and organizations to create a better world.

We believe that there is a positive trend for people to have more possibilities to make a positive impact every day, because the growing access to technology and knowledge gives people power. There are also methodologies, frameworks and tools that can help individuals to create value in the world in the right way. Everyone is extraordinary, everyone has a superpower to make an impact. So we think the future will be created for extraordinary individuals, and our vision is that Purpose Alliance become one of the main ecosystems where purpose-driven people and organizations will amplify their positive impact on themselves and on the world.

We believe that making a positive impact is not only about technology and innovation tools, but over all about having the right mindset. So, Purpose Alliance’s mission is focused on providing people and organizations with the right mindset and habitat to interact with others, launch and evolve purpose-driven initiatives to make a positive impact. We help run open and purpose-driven activities where anyone can participate to awake and get inspiration to make an impact.

We believe that everything needs to be sustainable, including the world we live in, organizations of any kind and individuals. Therefore:

  • We believe that Purpose Alliance has to be aligned with world sustainability, which includes not only our planet (but any other world we may live in the future) but  civilizations from all points of view (economical, social, environmental, etc.).
  • We believe that Purpose Alliance should be sustainable through some revenue source/s aligned with its purpose and with our values, which are defined below; and at the same time, Purpose Alliance should be a for-impact organization. 

We believe that building and growing a community where people are aligned in terms of values is key. We don’t say that these are the right values, other people may have others and that’s fine, but we do believe these are the ones we will need to succeed:

  • Action is the only thing that can move things forward, we are a community of doers who don’t expect anything to happen by itself. We make things happen.
  • Collaboration is key in order to leverage synergies and boost win-win relationships among community members that will help them to make a positive impact on the world and on themselves. 
  • Diversity is not only needed to create the right things, but we also need to embrace it to make the most out of it.
  • Integrity is the foundation of trust-based relationships so, as a community, this will be one of the key values we will need to have. This also includes respect to others that will generate a healthy community with the right energy.
  • Evolution in order to take Purpose Alliance, the community and all its members to the next level on an ongoing basis. 

Purpose Alliance’s community is open to everyone but it will be also restricted to people who don’t follow these guidelines, which include our purpose, vision, mission, sustainability approach and values. Also, it’s important to always bring the best energy to the community, with a positive attitude and constructive behavior in order to have a healthy community environment and to create the best world possible!

We believe that everything stated in these guidelines represents the identity of Purpose Alliance, which should be accepted by its community members, and the type of mindset that people may have in order to properly operate and belong to this extraordinary community.