The future of energy in Spain

November 25, 2021




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Inspirational Keynotes

Building a Singular Future

Ignacio Cuerva – CEO Cuerva Group

The opportunity of Local Energy Communities for the city and the municipality

Joan Herrera – Director of Environmental and Energy Action Ajuntament del Prat de Llobregat

net-zero technology solutions for mobility, energy efficiency and flexibility for home, business and industry.

Juan Diego Bernal Fernandez – Product Manager Repsol

Intelligence at the Edge for Smart Grids

Peter Rawlins – VP Sales Barbara IoT

Adding energy in ZETA District

Victor Troyano – Project Manager URBANIA

Cloud-based data solutions for flexibility in distribution networks and their contribution to the digitization process

Manuel Reyes – Smart Energy Solutions Turning Tables

The importance of security of supply and a competitive energy transition

Daniel Lacalle – Chief Economist Investment Officer Tressis Gestión

What am I doing in a town like this

Alberto Belda Gonzalez – Researcher, Energy Division CARTIF Technology Center

Venture Capital: financing the future of energy, beyond energy.

Erika Escolar – Capital Energy

Value flexibility of consumer resources and destination traceability

Alicia Carrasco – ENTRA Aggregation and Flexibility Olivo Energy CEO

Energy communities: practical implementation models and associated challenges

Rafael Bahamonde Nieto – Innovation & Ecosystem Manager Turning Tables

Grid Edge: holistic approach to achieve Net Zero emissions faster and more efficiently

Alicia Latorre – Grid Edge Siemens S.A.

The future of the networks that bind us together

Leonardo Hervás Hermida – Director General CIDE

My father does not want to participate in an Energy Community, but my grandfather does.

Santi Martinez – General Manager and Founder Km0 Energy

Green hydrogen, the moonshot of the energy transition

Marcos Lóez-Brea Baquero – General Manager DH2


Jose Luis Cordeiro – TransVision Madrid Founder Vice President Human Plus Energularity

How to create a massive impact on energy

Francisco Palao – Founder Purpose Alliance

The Intelligent Transformation Center

Luis del Rio Etayo – Mikel Zaldumbide Ormazabal

Sustainable Assistance, the future of Mobility

Cristina Rosado – Allianz Partners

Google: Energy and Sustainability

David Leiva – Google Cloud

Distribution networks: key infrastructure for the energy transition

Carmen Gimeno – Secretary General GEODE

Post-COVID recovery, European funds and energy transition

José Carlos Díez – Associate Partner LUAfund

Storage as the philosopher’s stone of the new energy paradigm. A reality or a dream.

Eugenio Domínguez – Chief Executive Officer Hybrid Energy Storage

People as a driver of innovation

Victor Garcia-Hoz – Strategy & Client Lead Propelland

Objective 55

Oliverio Álvarez – Head of Energy Regulation Partner, Deloitte