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Leadership Agility: Leading beyond the sprint

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Why are we doing this?

We are currently facing many global challenges, such as lack to social inequality, lack to access to education, climate change, and many others. It’s imperative to act.

At the same time, we all have democratized access to knowledge and technologies, such as Internet, Artificial Intelligence, 3D Printing, and many others that a few years ago would have been considered as science fiction. Nowadays, any of us can make a positive impact on the world.

Purpose Alliance is a for-impact global ecosystem focused on empowering extraordinary people and organizations to create a better world.

Challenge key goals

The 40th Purpose Challenge “Creating a Better World” is a Purpose Alliance initiative, an open call to any organization, association, and individual that wants to contribute actively to generate a positive impact.

Based on the seventeen ONU SDGs (sustainable development goals), this special Purpose Challenge it’s a great opportunity to empower our global community to make a difference, create new strategic relationships, and strengthen a global purpose-driven ecosystem.

“it’s not only about doing things the right way… It’s about doing the right things”

– Francisco Palao, founder of Purpose Alliance

How will we do it?

One of the main activities of Purpose Alliance is running Purpose Challenges where both individuals and existing startups participate to either generate new ideas or evolve existing solutions in order to make a masive impact in a specific area, in this case focused on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals proposed by the UN.

This ecosystem emerged two years ago after launching a first Challenge to help with COVID and nowadays more 39 other challenges have been executed, involving thousands of people and organizations across the world.

The Purpose Challenge is based on 6 phases that we tell you below 👇


Aplications & training

February 1st – 24th


Welcome session

March 1st


Inspirational keynotes

March 6th – 10th


Initiatives generation / evolution

March 13rd – 19th


Initiatives presentations

March 21st – 22nd


Closing session

March 27th – 29th

People and startups will be able to apply to participate in the Purpose Challenge. Applications will be open to any person or startup interested in participating and, of course, it will free be for all of them to participate.

People and startup members participating will need to go to an online training on innovation and positive impact. This is just a great opportunity for all of them to gain new knowledge and establish the foundations for boosting their for-impact mindset!

We will have an inspirational welcome session to explain participants why we are running this Challenge and how it will happen.

We will have a set of inspirational talks from recognized speakers who will give great insights to participants for their upcoming contribution sessions. This part of the Challenge will be open not only to participants but also to any other person who wants to join and get inspiration to create a better world!
Individual participants will be grouped by teams according to their preferences in terms of the SDGs and also startups will work on a 4-hour session with top-notch mentors in order to generate new purpose-driven initiatives to make a positive impact on the world.
We will have a set of open sessions were the different teams and startups will present their initiatives to create a better world. A panel of international advisors will provide feedback to the initiatives.

We will have an energizing session to summarize everything that happened during the Purpose Challenge. Also, Allies will be announcing those initiatives they liked the most in order to eventually support their further development. Actually, more than a closing session this will be a launching one!

What will you achive?

€3,000 prize for the winner project

Participating in this challenge can change both the world and your life!

  • Meeting new people, organizations and create meaningful synergies
  • Training on the latest innovation tools and practices
  • Connecting with purpose-driven mentors to evolve your ideas
  • Receiving a blockchain-based diploma of participation
  • Finding talents
  • Showcasing your solutions to impact investors
  • Generating a positive impact on the world

Mentors & Advisors

Evolve your mindset to improve your projects… and the world!

This book and its author, Francisco Palao, will accompany you through your mindset’s evolution, the Purpose Launchpad mindset and the framework.

About Purpose Alliance

Purpose Alliance is a “for-impact global ecosystem” focused on empowering extraordinary people and organizations to create a better world.

We offer services, training, and certification programs to purpose-driven organizations, individuals, investors, innovators, leaders, and doers based on Purpose Launchpad, a framework to help people make a positive impact.

Purpose Alliance is also a NET-0 Carbon, therefore 99% of all our activities are mostly remotely performed (online) and our network of certified Purpose Launchpad mentors is located across all continents, so we act and provide our services globally.