MTP Canvas


The MTP Canvas is a tool that can help both people and organizations to discover the purpose and also to define other related elements (such as the Moonshot, which is called ‘Footprint’ in the MTP Canvas).

The MTP Canvas includes nine different blocks divided in three different areas (the Hero, the World, and the Journey).

In the context of Purpose Launchpad, the MTP Canvas can be used from the very beginning and evolved during the rest of the Purpose Launchpad Phases at the same time that we evolve the initiative.

Tool developed by Francisco Palao and Ángel María Herrera (Purpose Alliance)

Purpose Launchpad

Integration with Purpose Launchpad

The MTP Canvas is used in all phases of the Purpose Launchpad (exploration, evaluation and impact), although it is in the exploration phase where it has the most prominence as it helps us define one of the most important elements of our initiative: the purpose! !

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