A new mindset to activate an organization’s purpose and empower its community.

” It has allowed us to reinvent our strategic relationships in a very key geographical area and has given life to a collaboration mechanism that has generated real innovative solutions and initiatives”

Michael Alvarez, Head of LATAM Boston Scientific

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A modern organization needs new dynamic mechanisms to generate innovation, build resilience, and nurture a sense of belonging and unlocking the power of its people. By doing so it can attract and retain talent, as well as creating a culture of collaboration and continuous learning.


A Purpose Challenge is a Purpose Launchpad application that unleashes the power of community, improves relationships among all stakeholders, and sparks the creation or strenghtening of a purpose-driven ecosystem.


In the 4 phases of a Purpose Challenge, people and purpose are at the center of a new cultural change that establishes a renewed sense of community and belonging among team members, business partners and sometimes even competitors.


Impact case

Discover how one of the most innovative medical equipment companies in the world has strategically launched a Purpose Challenge in Costa Rica and how this has positively impacted its business and the future of health in the country.


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