The experience of participating in a Purpose Challenge

February 18, 2021

Author: Meryl Moritz

While mentoring a work group of 7 people during the Purpose Alliance Future of Education challenge, I realized that everyone who will inhabit the Earth from this point forward will either voluntarily re-educate himself/herself or be dragged to do so. The sheer energy of the challenges sweeps the hesitant and the sort of ambivalent along with the excited, passionate and committed. So perhaps the challenge framework IS the Future of Education.

People who have only been on sport teams or work teams are astounded to see how quickly people with very disparate backgrounds but with a shared viewpoint on a social issue can create an energetic proposition that is irresistible to them all. I’ve led corporate teams, coached them, and been a university instructor but none of those experiences can equal what happens in a mere 3.5 hours in a Purpose Alliance challenge. We will change the world, one crucial issue at a time…I can see it, feel it, taste it.

Few months into 2020, I got a tickler from a professional colleague saying, “I think you might like to work on this [an initiative to stop the spread of COVID19.]” Hell, yes…I certainly did. What she invited me to join her in doing has upended my way of thinking about today and tomorrow in just about every way. I’m not an epidemiologist, so what could a sociologist-educator-leadership coach do to help? I found out and have been re-finding out with each new Purpose Challenge I participate in.


As far as I’m concerned, these Purpose Challenges are the new professional development must-have experience. Why? You get exposed to perspectives across the globe. You get to collaborate with people who feel as passionately about the topic as you do. You get the chance to germinate an idea that could have legs and massive impact in your community, in your country, and around the globe. And you ‘catch’ this thing, this spirit, this energy and you want to keep going and take your own ideas forward in an exponential way.

Don’t miss the opportunity to take part and be transformed yourself. Keep watching for announcements for the next challenge — The Future of the Planet. See you there…I’m at all of them.

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