Using Purpose Launchpad Methodology for evaluating investments

October 21, 2020

I am a Global Ambassador and Board Advisor to Purpose Alliance, the community that developed the Purpose Launchpad Methodology which my amigo, Francisco Palao, who was also my classmate at Singularity University GSP 11 cohort, founded in the midst of the CoVid Pandemic. Purpose Alliance enables ordinary people to be extraordinary in rising to the new challenges the world face.

He encouraged me to take the Purpose Launchpad Mentor program so that I can better understand how potential startups that may arise from the Purpose Alliance challenges can be identified for potential investments particularly with one of my projects, EPIC(Exponential Positive Impact Capital) – that is a revenue sharing social impact investment platform. The course is amazing in the way Francisco runs it, very personalized with an amazing cohort of classmates from all over the world, selected from a pool of applicants for the program. The time zone difference of being in Australia meant 11 pm to 1 am three times a week with assignments after each session resulting in a very challenging time for me personally. This coupled with group assignments, readings, as the methodology encompasses concepts from Agile/Scrum, Business Model Canvas, ExO Canvas, Design Thinking, Value Proposition Canvas, OKR, etc which by themselves would take up the whole course session time. Kudos to Francisco for being able to succinctly and precisely present the main concepts that we could apply in mentoring companies with the essential ideas. The Purpose Launchpad chart is one of the most useful tool in identifying a company’s status, strength and areas for improvement. There were three phases to the program, the first phase being the tool sets for the eight different sectors of the Purpose Launchpad Methodology. The second phase being team work on case studies and the final third phase was actual mentoring of companies. It is an extremely well designed program, for maximum learning and application of concepts.

I feel this methodology will be a huge bonus if it’s customized for investment evaluation purpose.

I would like to thank my classmates and Francisco for their patience as I had to undergo a heart procedure in the midst of the program! I managed to make up most of the stuff I missed with Francisco’s patience assistance. My mentee companies including EPIC and Watchyourtalk founders are also to be commended for helping complete my mentoring sprints in record time! Thank you too to all the unsung heroes, family, friends, etc that supported me throughout this program.

I look forward to working with Francisco and the Purpose Alliance community to further progress humanity as it fits my MTP of seek, share and apply knowledge to progress humanity.

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