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Positive Impact Book
Purpose Launchpad 2.0 CN

Purpose Launchpad is an open framework that leverages the state of the art of innovation methodologies to help people to operate with the right mindset to successfully generate new initiatives, such as startups and or new products, and to evolve existing organizations to make a positive impact.

Are YOU the bottleneck to Impact?

Generating a Positive Impact with your teams

During this webinar, we will be launching the Chinese version of the Purpose Launchpad guide (by Carmen Lam and Renzo Pellandini) who translated it. Also, Francisco Palao (main creator of Purpose Launchpad) will be presenting his lastest book: Positive Impact.



  • Welcome, by Carmen Lam and Renzo Pellandini

  • How to make a Positive Impact, keynote by Francisco Palao

  • Using Purpose Launchpad and official guide translation, by Carmen Lam and Renzo Pellandini

  • Open dialogue

Who is this event for?

  • For business leaders who want to improve and evolve their business.
  • For entrepreneurs who want to boost their startup.
  • For innovators who want to create value in the world.

  • For teachers who want to know the latest trends in innovation.
  • For scientists who want to know how to transform their research into positive impact.

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