Positive Impact Leader Certification

Lead your organization to create a positive impact on the world and your business.

Positive Impact Leader is a program oriented to leaders of organizations that aim to improve and evolve their business through the cultural change of their teams and disruptive innovation. The program focuses on how to leverage Purpose Launchpad to create the right environment and bring the rigor needed in organizations to translate purpose into positive business and global impact.

  • Next edition: 2023 (Q4)
  • Deadline for registration: Until July 15, 2023

  • There will be a rigorous selection process for Purpose Launchpad mentors

  • The total cost of the program is 4.950€ | 4.450€ (First edition) (Without additional taxes)

  • The application cost is 450 EUR (Will be deducted from the final cost).

  • The application cost will only be refunded if you are not selected
  • Applications will close when groups are full

Who teaches the
Certification Program?

Francisco Palao

Francisco Palao

Founder of Purpose Alliance

Juan Cumbrado

Director of Innovation at MAPFRE

+ 80 experts in innovation and corporate transformation, including:

Welcome to the era
of Positive Impact

Innovation is no longer enough.

Most organizations are satisfied with creating a product to bring value to the customer and make a profit. They do not consider the implications for the future.

Others have managed to achieve sustainability, respecting environmental and social resources.

But we must go one step further.

We must be able to regenerate resources.

We must be the solution.

And it is precisely those organizations focused on a purpose that generates a positive impact that unlock an abundance of opportunities that would otherwise be unattainable.

Humanity’s greatest challenges
are the biggest business opportunities

Purpose Launchpad guía

About Purpose Launchpad

Purpose Launchpad is an agile framework that draws on innovation techniques to help you act with the right mindset to evolve your organization, creating a positive impact on the world and your business.

Discover or enhance your purpose, learn how to combine exponential technologies, the right innovation techniques, and take your organization to the next level.

How to evolve an existing organization?

Surely some of these problems are familiar to you…

  • Innovation tools for startups do not work in large organizations.
  • Exploring at the same time as running the current business model causes a blockage in the process.
  • The first response of an organization to evolution is an attack by what we call “the immune system”.
  • Most disruption comes from outside.

  • Startups are not a small version of a large organization.
  • Innovation and evolution are blocked in middle management.

Tackle the issues blocking your organization’s evolution with the Positive Impact Leader certification program. Positive Impact Leader certification program.

How do we move from innovation to real impact?

In order for your organization’s new initiatives to develop, you must define a clear purpose, provide the necessary rigor and create the right environment.

In the Certification Program we place special emphasis on the environment, which we refer to as“habitat“, because we have shown that it is one of the factors that most hinder innovation and the evolution of organizations.

The Purpose Alliance Approach to Learning and Mindset Evolution


We accelerate your process of learning new knowledge by giving you access to videos or live lessons in which we explain why, how and what you should know about each new topic that is relevant to you.


Beyond obtaining new knowledge and experiences, what really matters is to evolve our way of seeing the world and acting in different situations. The combination of the different elements (understanding, doing and sharing) will take you to evolve your mindset to the next level.


The only way to assimilate knowledge effectively is through actual practice. We will propose specific activities linked to the different themes and, most importantly, on almost all occasions they will be linked to real projects and own initiatives.


The best way to take your knowledge and experience to the next level is through interaction with others. Our programs encourage group activities within the classroom environment as well as interaction with our global community to share experiences and connect with new people relevant to you.

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