Empowering extraordinary
people and organizations
to create a better world

Empowering extraordinary people and organizations to create a better world

Purpose Alliance is a global ecosystem that empowers individuals, startups and organizations to make a positive impact


We offer programs based on the Purpose Launchpad to help innovators, consultants, investors, and doers to have an impact on the world and themselves.

Purpose Alliance Academy


A revolutionary, high-impact program to help entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs evolve their projects with the help of certified Purpose Launchpad mentors and the support of our community.

Purpose Alliance Evolver


A series of trademarked and customizable Purpose Launchpad applications, focused on evolving the mindset of entire organizations and supporting them to make a positive impact on their business and the world.

Purpose Alliance Services

A story born with you

Purpose Alliance was created at the beginning of the pandemic with the goal of making it easier for anyone to create initiatives (Purpose Challenges) to improve the situation using the Purpose Launchpad method.

Today we have already carried out more than 35 challenges in multiple areas and we have a global community and a high-performance team that have turned these Purpose Challenges into reality, fulfilling our purpose:

Empowering extraordinary people and organizations to create a better world!

About us

Welcome to the community that is changing the world

Purpose Alliance Community is completely open and made of different organizations as well as entrepreneurs, innovators, consultants, investors, among others.

All members of our community are purpose-driven and seek to amplify their positive impact globally.

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Access our content and get inspired to take action toward making a positive impact.

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Showcasing the latest articles, opinions and experiences to inspire and guide you to make a positive impact

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We gathered some of the most powerful resources and innovativetools to help both individuals and organizations in their journey

Positive Impact

The mindset and the framework Purpose Launchpad to improve your startup, your organization and the world.

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A simple tool to define your personal or corporate purpose in nine steps.

See MTP Canvas

Purpose Launchpad Canvas

A simple tool for implementing the Purpose Launchpad framework

See Purpose Launchpad Canvas


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