Personal purpose mentor

The Personal Purpose Mentor certification course professionally trains you to guide others to discover their purpose and help them to give meaning to their lives.

It is a 4-week journey with online sessions with Ángel María, where his methodology is approached in depth, through case studies with which he shows the tools and their forms of application.
It includes practical sessions among students and with other certified mentors.

It is the first step to not only mentor, but to reach out to train other mentors and grow the community, not only of people with purpose, but of committed professionals who want to transform the world.

Testimonials about the course

By becoming certified I found many answers for myself and my future.

“I knew the day I met Ángel María that he would be an important person in my life. He has been the mentor that has led me to become a Mentor and guide others on their path, very grateful.”

This course applies to individuals and companies. It is a spectacular methodology that has allowed me to help my clients.

“He emphasized the power of the group that Ángel María manages to create.”

The purpose goes beyond being happy. Purpose gives meaning to our lives. Help create a better world for everyone.

Benefits of the course

  • You will deepen your own MTP
  • You will learn the methodology, step by step, to guide other people.
  • You will feel the support of other certified mentors.
  • You will solve case studies from different perspectives
  • You will have access to extra tools to address difficulties
  • First step to develop as a certified Purpose Mentor

Who is this course for?

For people who want to dedicate themselves professionally to helping others find their purpose in life.

A program for coaches and mentors who want to complete their training and include in their services the methodology that Ángel María has developed, and with which anyone can discover their Vital Purpose, the “why” they have come to this world, a fundamental requirement to achieve success in life, enjoying the journey.

Ángel María

I think everyone has a story to tell, but sometimes we forget it or need help to connect with it or even to be able to convey it. This history is what gives meaning to our existence and is unique and unrepeatable in each person of humanity. It dwells in the deepest part of our beingWe even replace it with other stories that seem simpler, more comfortable, that bother us less, and so we tell ourselves that dreams are for others, that we have to be practical, that mortgages are not paid by doing what we want in life. These other stories limit us, they make us feel unfulfilled, but they spare us the work of having to write our own story and be the protagonist of it. These are the stories with which we deceive ourselves.

That’s why my MTP (Massive Transformational Purpose) is:

“Unleashing the power of the Story that dwells within individuals and organizations.”